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Kinoko Okoku, which means Mushroom Kingdom, is a speciality gift store and shopping center. There is also a restaurant inside offering a menu of unique Hokkaido food and mushroom-based dishes. There are two stores, the main one is in Otaki Ward, Date City and the other store is in Niki Town.


The main store is a 60-minute drive from Chitose Airport. The route is close to tourist attractions such as Lake Toya and Lake Shikotsu. The address is 637-1 Sanjo Takimachi, Otaki Ward, Date City, Hokkaido.

The Niki location is 60 minutes from Chitose Airport by expressway. It is located halfway between Otaru City, Niseko and Kutchan Town. The address is Oe 1-chome, 930 Niki Town, Youichi-gun, Hokkaido.

Popular menu and products

Mushroom Soup

This is the most popular soup in Japan. Our miso soup is made with fresh mushrooms grown at our factory.

  • きのこラーメン

    Mushroom Ramen
  • きのこカレー

    Mushroom Curry
  • 天丼

    Bowl of Rice with Tempura-battered Fish

Nametake Mushroom Series

Nametake Mushroom Series is an extremely popular item at Kinoko Okoku. A variety of seasonings are available from basic soy sauce pickles, light plum rice cakes, flavourful skipjack tuna rice cakes to spicy Korean rice cakes. There is no meat included in the Nametake Mushroom Series.

Fruit Vinegar Series

Healthy juice mixed with fresh fruit and vinegar. There are six types of fruit vinegar: apple, mountain grape, blueberry, aronia and orange.

About Purchasing Food

  • 自動販売機
  • 自動販売機

At the restaurant, you can purchase food vouchers from a vending machine. Please select the menu number you want and insert the money. Please give the voucher to the server behind the counter. Other food items can be paid at the cash register by credit card, LINE Pay and WeChat pay. In the shopping center, you can pay by LINE Pay, Air Pay, WeChat Pay and credit card besides cash.